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Welcome to PoetPhotos.com and seven extraordinary photo galleries. This website by Darius Gottlieb wears its soul upon its colorful sleeve.


Linger and be stimulated — or should you prefer, kick back! This website is designed to declutter the overdrive of restless minds.

Along the way, you will hear CELLO music recorded during Darius' career as a recording artist. If you've already had your minimum daily requirement of cello, note that his music is easily muted at each photo gallery's entryway.


Voila — silence!


PoetPhotos is user-friendly and interconnected. You're invited to stroll through its grounds. Each time you visit, you're likely to discover genuine treasures and make some intriguing discoveries. Along the way, you will witness Darius' love of sunflowers.

His photographic talent transforms ordinary images into reverent shrines. Notice the radiant coloring. Although there is a black & white gallery, Gottlieb is praised for a passionate, vibrant imagination, along with his riveting use of color.

Please share this remarkable website. It took nearly three years to create. Hopefully, you'll also find a few radiant photographic images which invite you to take them home. Each gallery is enhanced by powerful (not wimpy!) poetry, which has led some to call Darius "the Rumi of this century".

This is an art opening and you are most cordially invited...


Welcome to PoetPhotos.com where you will find seven extraordinary photo galleries created by Darius Gottlieb to delight your senses and enhance your living space
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This way to the buddha gallery

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sunflowers and diptychs

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This way to the poetry

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want to know more about the intriguing photos on the site? Click on Darius' photo to read the commentaries.

want to know more about the intriguing photos on the site? Click on Darius' photo to read the commentaries.

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