Here at Custom Photography, we repair, restore, and make your photos wonderful. Below are the images of Cheryl "before" — her high school photo is severely discolored & damaged. And "after" — much to her delight.

Cheryl's high school photo before and after retouching


At the time of this post, Facebook allows its users 4,999 friends. Holy wow!

Who among keeps track of nearly 5,000 people?

That said, it's often rollicking-good fun to view posts about cats .... photos of babies .... social issues you care about .... how folks looked in years past .... as well as distant lands where others are travelling. All contribute to Facebook's ubiquitous worldwide appeal.

Inherent to the Facebook experience is your profile photograph. It's already small upon your personal Wall, but within your dialogue with others, it's outright tiny! That's why it needs to be a good visual read.

Your profile photo provides a crucial piece of visual information others rely upon to make immediate impressions about you .... whether it's a new colleague, a stellar business contact, or a potential date.


Here's Sheila before (on the left) and Sheila "After" (on the right) ...

Shelia beofre and after


​I softened the veins in her neck, smoothed lines under her eyes from sleep deprivation & caring for two young daughters, adjusted skin tone, removed the mole between her eyes — by her request — and I pumped the purple background to become more rich. The photo looks natural and she now looks practically glowing and more rested. As a professional pianist, Sheila's touring & recording itinerary have recently accelerated, and right now she's being approached by a huge talent agency. This photo of her should help.

Here's Keane, an art consultant, before (on the left) and "After" (on the right):


I'd emailed him three initial versions. I wanted to improve his photo further, but he told me he's content and immediately utilized it as a new profile photo. About three weeks later, he announced his engagement to a magnificent woman. Lucky lad!


If I were to improve Keane's photo further, it would probably look like this:

Keane final

​I smoothed the blotches on his skin, adjusted the redness and "fixed" his ears.

Sometimes improvements are subtle. The eye senses the image is better overall, though improvements might not all be obvious. And because of Facebook's wide reach, there is ongoing access to people you'd otherwise never likely meet. Those online contacts contain potential possibilities which highlight peer-to-peer feedback, including surprisingly valuable leads for your career — and even for a lasting romance.


David works in San Francisco for an IT firm. Its pay was so-so and he began looking for a better job. I worked on his photo immediately below.

David's photo before retouching


Besides the immediately brightened milieu, it's less obvious that I brightened the yellow line and removed a small black car previously to the right of his head! He submitted this improved photo and got a better job. It undoubtedly helped contribute towards his overall presentation.


I was hired to repair photos from several families' precious archives. I guided them as to where where — and how — to best scan their old, fragile and very treasured photos. They then sent the images to me as a high-resolution "tiff" file, via email.

Once the work's complete, I return two files per each job: One is ideal for Internet posting. The second file is far larger, with 300 DPI, suitable for professional printing and framing.

By the way, we can work from your prints, slides, slides or digital files. Inquiry Darius for expert and easy instructions.


Here's the initial photograph I worked on, in quite decent shape, even being over 100-years old:

Victorian lady

And here's my "corrected" version below. My clients were truly pleased.

final version


Another example — Here's the original:

class room from the 1900s


Here's my "corrected" version below:

removed sepia and made image sharper


On a more modern note, I worked on a publicity photo of Kathrine Cash & Norm Freeman, two stellar musicians well-known in Southern California. Here's their original:

Kathrine Cash and Norman freeman


​My solution is a tight close-up of the publicity photo, with rich color. Cropping the photo allows for their faces to be much more prominent! Also note that distracting details to the left of Katherine are completely removed:

Kathrine and norman improved photo


Contact <> for further information & immediate assistance for any of your questions. And let me see any of your photos for a quote!

For the record, your transactions are completely safe at Custom Photography. That's because payments are taken through PayPal and its worldwide industry standard trusted by major online retailers. is an HTML site which is considered far safer than websites built by WordPress, and this adds an extra layer of security and protection to each and every transaction.

It's hard to overemphasize that your personal photo is a window to the world through which others see you. Improve profile photos for Facebook and Twitter, as well as more recent sites such as Ello, WeChat and StumbleUpon. This same photo can then be applied to resumes and placed within business emails so that your clients connect a face to your proposals!

Finally, Custom Photography works with you to create one-of-a-kind photos which become scene-stealing centerpieces for your home or office.

The pro-lab we use is considered one of the finest in the US, and it's very price-competitive due to high-volume and its consummate professionalism. My work is guaranteed to please, and in well-over two decades, I've never been asked to refund or to redo a single photo for any client.

For elegant pizzazz, consider printing on clear or white aluminum. Frankly, the results are stunning. And depending on your decor, your photos can additionally be mounted on galvanized steel or glowing, burnished copper.

All custom photo options are archival and acid-free. Your results are surprisingly, immensely durable, capable of being passed-down for generations.

My lab also has perfected exquisite giclée prints. Millions of ink droplets are evenly sprayed upon the photo surface, creating eye-popping yet naturally seamless color transitions. Giclée is both super-rich and super-smooth at the same time.

Consider printing on (stretched) canvas or shiny and ultra-hip vinyl. The clarity when printing your photo upon vinyl is astonishing, and it's shipped and insured ready-to-hang, so durable that it never requires glass.

Printing your photo upon a premium, solid wood panel gives your image a panache not often seen. Imported bamboo panels are gaining appeal, with refreshing and exotic texture. These board panels are marketed as the finest in the world, and they are both Eco-friendly and from renewable resources.

Too many options? Call me at 562.597.2553 between 9 AM and 7 PM, Pacific time.

Satin-finish art papers and elegant — yet slightly-grainy watercolor papers — are understated choices for unusually sophisticated and "laid back" images. Naturally, traditional matte & glossy photo papers are also available.

Your personal photos can be put on a stainless steel coffee mug. Or —

  • A heavy-duty tote bag.
  • Your iPhone or Samsung cell-phone case.
  • Your computer mouse pad, with multiple options to choose from.
  • A 252-piece jigsaw puzzle.
  • Porcelain wine or coffee coaster, my favorite!
  • Extra-sturdy glass cutting boards for the kitchen.
  • Exquisitely-made keepsake boxes.
  • Large refrigerator magnets.
  • Greeting cards with your special and personalized words..


By the way, you're encouraged to enjoy the many photo galleries at and to select a fine art image which speaks to
you for home or office.

At PoetPhotos you can easily view extraordinary images of sunflowers, Buddhas,
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Your selected CUSTOM photograph (with its bells-and-whistles printing & mounting
options described above) can be professionally printed from 5X7 all the way to 40X60.

Note: With your precise specifications, we'll also frame and ship (fully insured) to you.

In doubt for a gift? A diptych of your favorite pet with a family member or yourself
is lovely. Contact Darius for friendly & clear instructions.

girl and cat



My fees are eminently reasonable and are based upon the workload. I can easily send you additional examples of my work, and references. After decades of experience, I guarantee that I can vastly improve, sharpen and make your photos crisp, far more readable, and delightful. I'm additionally equipped to take on urgent assignments, and can often achieve remarkable results in half-an-hour.

Color photos can be converted to black-and-white and still maintain enormous punch. I can remove invasive words and superfluous text from photos.


girl and cat


You will receive both a professional print file (large) for brochures, resumes, or to frame for your home or office, as well as an instantly-uploaded file for the Internet (a smaller file).

Contact for immediate assistance to all your questions.



Call 562-597-2553 between 9 AM and 7 PM, Pacific time. Thank you.


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