Drunk On Holy Spirit Tequila

Ears will rejoice that you are immortal
Even as the heart could fear

That you're going to become
A worm-food casserole
With dirt-clod croutons. Verily,

Would you doubt dear Albert?



​Energy is everlasting.

energizer bunny

And consciousness cannot help but carry on
After Death .... Hence, karma

Since debt is to all thought-waves
Less than sparkling
With a champagne of grace —

And each moment
When you or anyone else
Have been resolutely unkind

Mars revisted

Must be resolved at God's elixir bar
Where the Soul partakes of a Mai Tai of Holy Spirit

Before being born again
To resume practice towards perfection!


It isn't that the Creator
Dislikes warts
Should you have more than a minion

But that your Soul's unblemished, luminous skin
Stretches across the yoga of infinity's light years

And, given that across this veil
You appear in your birthday suit

There isn't a surfeit of emotional sores
Or argumentative postures
In any amber honey of being.

As a poet, I only know

That eventually you will be cleansed

your socks are here

No matter how momentarily lost
You might be in cycles of sweetest becoming.

I simply promise to continue
To be drunk on God's love
And to stagger, as a blissful Fool


In the dark-midnight of ten-thousand suns,
Stepping off each adventurous cliff to the Unknown.

Join me. Leave dignity with your mother-in-law

And let's agree then to meet, you & I
At a secret sushi bar in the Orion Nebula

​Since it's sometimes challenging
To be with one another here on Earth.


I will combine my poetry with strong sake
And should it please you

Drink of me only with thine eyes.

Should Spirit stay constant to a heart's nobility,
I will then sneak past sentries of your eyelashes

To enter in chambers of joy
As you disarm my inhibitions for all remaining time —


​Given that I shall not ask for much —

Unending bliss.
Continuous curiosity.
And a cello by my bedside
To stroke

When you and Saint Peter venture on safari
Beyond local galaxies
In search to satisfy strange cravings.

hotel in and out

​All joking aside,
Be with me
In these wintered days
From each decade's mortal departures,

From leaves blown and cast aside
In the Tree of Life's chaotic circumstances —

Be with me now and forever
So that my loneliness subsides
And together we will abolish
Any remaining resistance to embrace

To embrace our lives.
To embrace humankind.
To embrace the staggering magnitude of God.

And the day will come,
And this
I assuredly and resolutely promise

When all your fears will be gone.


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