Ghostly Affections of Your Lovers Past

Beloved —

Could you kiss
A face ravaged by time?


A heart balanced upon
Understanding's precipice
In a pool of turquoise knowing?

heart balanced upon a understandings precipice

To be reminded
How infrequently I've lied
How little I actually know?

Buddha adonai

And how easily paradox
Punches a time clock:

The continuous opening
Here and now, exempt
From ghostly affections of your lovers past —

sunflower photo new opening

There is nothing in you I could criticize
In virtual scrutiny and occluded wisdom
From the marrow of blissfully silent bones

Where at least two sides are eagerly incumbent
For love affairs to flourish —

buddha brothers

Just as each Tuesday
You witness a comedic display
When I'm stripped down,
As a cosmic clown

Offering a single red rose
Eager to charm you without sham
As I truly am, without pretense

bride by Shuan Darius

Seeing that you might surmise
How my need to embrace
Is nakedly obvious,
My hunger for union too rapacious,
My earnest desire to be nourished
Possibly overwhelming —

turquoise heart

As I approach with balm and unguent
And undress you
To seal any emotional fractures

And make lucid and visibly transparent
Each unspoken aspect between us
Lifted into light from every possible angle —

icarus returns

I have no confusion
That you might be imperfect
Snore loudly
And recite the worst Rod McKuen in your sleep

street signs at waters edge

Because at day's end
When all recitation is quieted,
All activities tucked into an enormous bed

It can safely be said
That all residues of grief and darkness
Flee into a shameless night
As I am ignited by a crazy kind of brilliance

light bulb man
During these sacred
And untouchable moments

Completely and irrevocably merge
With the tenderness of your love and beauty


Since I refuse to possess you
Or ghostly affections of your lovers past.

(And I ask only the smallest of favors
As long as we both laugh,
Giggling into the ravaged face of Death)

To stay here with me
Past time's temporal portals
Into the unknowable beyond.


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