Love, from the Death+Heaven Gallery


Love Is Never Ending Love Is Never Ending

There are no other riches as revealing as love's
No other yearning as worthwhile
And all your lessons for success pale
Next to the love's attainment and its luminous degrees

Love's offering is disarming and revealing:
Love is your most reliable medicine
And passion's indispensable dispensary
Let love be your daily minimum requirement
For prolonged healing

And love is never ending

It has continuously blessed you
Since your initial breath

It is the key dwelling
At the mitochondria of each cell
Here to unlock your cohesion to others
And implement the wellness of your immortal soul

Love slices through the dross of this world
Leading to dauntless doorways of the next

Love is always liberating
To feel within your gut
And you know when this is true
As it frees fearful shackles
Of unseemly limitation,
Expanding through every obstacle

It raises everyone
To the highest common denominator

It includes us altogether
Where seclusion divides and separates,
Love dissolves delusion
Purchases spectacles for illusion
Then freely makes an allowance for space
To induce a spectacular inclusion
For an ultimate integration

No matter the puzzle pieces
Of yourself which are apart,
Love is a surgeon of light
To extend your party's list
For potencies of spiritual reunions

Love is the most far-reaching art

A viable pulse
Easily discerned
Underneath the taut skin of circumstance

It is a drum beat and drum circle
To precipitate negativity to depart

Love asks only for your consent
To reinvent your life with full intent

To free yourself from useless baggage
And the clinging of emotional cement

I have experienced love
And have not been derelict in my duties
To my delirious devotion of its hours

I am strengthened by the gentleness of love,
Transfixed by her understated power

As sunflowers reach towards solar sensation,
You are encouraged to return to love
To have it adorn you, even on your sternest days

It is your birthright to return to love,
This essence of your integration,
Your legacy to love to the furthest planet
Of your being's orbit through time, through space,
As a card-carrying member of the human race
It is given to you to love, never ending
Until your being overflows with grace.


© Darius Gottlieb

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photo of a well

Unwind Yourself from This Long Rope of Duties

Stand right beside yourself
With a simple oaken bucket of intent

Then slowly lower yourself
Below ground levels of comfort
Into shadow

To replenish your thirst
And replace its dryness
From any chaotic daily places

With clear calm continuous waters
Ready for a laser like focus
From the diamond jewelry of your eyes.

It requires bravery to descend into a well,
To moisten sandpaper dryness from unattended duties –

And as for me, you bring my heart
To its own wellspring of feeling

As I gaze upon you, continually distressed
By the chameleon of your emotions in my regard
When I see less a body, than a kaleidoscope of being –

Should I wait patiently, you will emerge
Like a hermit crab
And with nary an eyelash, morph
Into a myriad of soulful shapes:

A shining mosaic butterfly
Pegasus, replete with golden saddle
A field of impossibly pink tulips
An aquamarine pond of waterlilies

Given that you have trained me sufficiently
Not to ask
Which shape is truly yours
When it is your habit

To melt into chocolate sauce at a moment's notice
And tease with the feigned innocence of your strawberry

And then, without warning
Entice me from my hermit's cone
Covering every bit of my vanilla frost
With an exuding nonchalance of cold, melting cream

When resistance dissolves
Since I am no different than any other person
Craving to be loved

And to have my eyelashes combed
By the seductive focus of affection. Truthfully

There are too few who offer this kingly ransom
Simply by appearing, then moving beyond words
Past latched shutters of a heart's reticent gates

Where I find these tears curiously comforting
As each slides like a lotus
Down wintry slopes of frostbitten cheeks –

How is that there are only a few people in this world

Who warm our reluctance
With a single masterful wink,
Who ease us to disrobe
From identities' manifold discoveries –

Stepping into comforting pools of shimmering light,
Connecting every bit of our costly concerns
Towards the simplicity of infinity? Ask me again

And my answer is unchanged,
To be with you forever. However insane

My resolve cannot be changed
As each of us stands here uncovered,
Weeping with the quietude of certain joy

And you'd thought the Universe to be complex. How simple it is

To be serene.
Nothing to it

Only now and forever to greet every person
With the authenticity of a child
And the restrained seasoning of a sage

Knowing that time is readily nearby
When you will appear beside your own wellness
And descend

Beneath the surface of understanding
With this reliable wooden bucket

Inspired to have a long and steady drink
Of awaiting nourishment
Which will satisfy
Every tender requirement
Within this signatory parchment
And whirlwind of your thirst

I promise beloved
That the well
Is always there

Unwind yourself
from this long rope of duties




© Darius Gottlieb


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Marriage by ShaunDarius Gottlieb

Marriage, from the People Gallery

Hello and Farewell

You will bump into yourself
Along the walkway of life
Remembering at that unexpected moment
How you looked before you were born –

Emerging from the unseen
To be acknowledged
Easing through the formless
To be formed –

Opening your presence of daily gifts
To view yourself as you truly are

Sensing that if enlightenment's features could be gleaned,
You'd have seen its perfect face by now:

With fragmentation to be complete
Confusion to become clear

Ambivalence to be committed
Frustration to yield to spontaneity
And fear to bolster stalwart courage.

Bigots to begot saints
Bitterness to never overlook sweet
Bias to embolden compassion
And enmity to father the children of inclusion –

When duplicity yields to unifying grace
A constancy of suffering arises
And you will greet a crescent moon of awakening
To meet Siamese twins of your subconscious
As if for the first time –

It's then that despair lays bare bedazzled jubilation
Disease reveals health
Lack concedes to abundance
And hindsight announces foresight.

You're cordially invited
When separation takes reunion to the prom
And cowering is chaperoned
By opportunity's toothy braces. Attempt a smile

When no one's dancing here
Save the entirety of eternity –

The dead wear orchid corsages
To arise from coffins
When haters unexpectedly become lovers
And the road to transformation
Is littered with ecstasy and debris.

I see you're earnestly praying
To be wholly recognized by others

In the fullness of nothing
And the sacredness of everything
So your essence is no longer concealed.

Your life's lasting purpose is revealed:
To plan a family reunion
With pieces of yourself
Which ran away

And call yourself home.


Graduate with unending degrees
Past comforts of ignorance
Beyond ambivalence to skillful mobility

Smoothing time-bitten scars to unblemished skin
When the celebration of this morning
Asks for your consideration once again

To invite you to linger
To savor openings of your reticent throat
For celestial choirs of melody within.

You will bump into a mirror of yourself
As a poetic wife or bridegroom
At eternity's effusive arbor of blood-red roses
And there you'll finally understand

To saunter in lightening collusion
And slip between an egress of complicit eyes
To penetrate the immodest virgin of your lazy mind –

Who else will impregnate your imagination?
Race ahead with passionate assistance
To roust rollicking bunk mates for your garden
Or to your bed, knowing instead

How Mistress Fate and outlandish Master Fortune
Bang furiously upon your shipwrecked door
When you're freed with what you've been given
To seed and also to blossom

Intoxicating petals of these quite curious hours

Since each of us are solitary fingerprints
Upon hands God has dealt us.

(You're oddly identical
To every unique person
Who's ever breathed)

And I, your poetic lover
Am destined to never fully know you.
Hello then and farewell.

Should either one of us
Perish before the midnight hour

Light a candle for me in memory's disintegrating structures
And I will release you to the inevitability of gladness.

Nibble on my lower lip before I must forever leave
In time's footprints which surely vanish
Upon vapor and cooling breath
Where you yourself once walked

Freed within one searing instant
At the winking insouciance of immediacy
Since only a single, integrated moment is needed

Towards a speeding quickening
By virtue of wisdom's most solemn gravity
To be liberated at last
In the Godspeed of immortal light

Hello and farewell

Hello and farewell
Hello and farewell.


© Darius Gottlieb


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