the mother of waves
The Mother of Waves, from the Nature Gallery


Upon an Altar of Joyous Friendship

Save a bountiful feast of awakening
For the banquet of yourself
Being certain to invite every person you've ever admired,
Who shares your shining and glistening emerald moments –

The sun shall shine by day
And the moon by porous night
As your soul shines inescapably
Through pores of its electric skin

I seek a greening of undergrowth
Where there's been a graying of resignation.
When tender shoots of awareness sprout
Upon this forest floor of my mind,
My heart recalls resting upon your sturdy shoulder,
Asking to stay there until forever
Or at least until our next anniversary

You are courageous should you be willing to feel
Regardless where a caravan of circumstance carries you,
Brave enough to allow for deep spectrums of sensations,
Colors which imbue indelible hues of your earnest impressions –

I ask only one thing during this life,
That you not hold back

Do you put a lid on it, or make tea
With the roiling boil of expression?

Immerse yourself. Steep. Soak.
Lower the flame of your overactive thoughts to simmer.

It has always within your abilities to celebrate or to grieve
I believe there's ample room to secure lodging for both facets

Since a realized human doesn't sequester empathy's assets
Given that your palate is replete with a slosh and a squish
Of all an ocean's emotions.

If I could, I would fill myself with the drink of you
And be satiated with the fresh water of your endless waves –

Here is a goblet of holy water
Drink to me only with thine eyes
Whet my unrestrained exuberance
To merge with your unending being,
Then sail past any duality of twilight,
Straddling the boundaries of both night and day

Understand that I request of all my friends
To occasionally splash me
And never to ignore me. I would rather be drenched
Then left hung out to dry –

None of us are ever fully given to know
How long we will be in the swim

Yet if suddenly I suddenly be gone,
Honor me in remembrance of the wild and untamed,
Coursing with life, impudence, and passion,
Rather than that which is edited or restrained –

Bring both gristle and thorns of blooming thistle. Bury my body
In a sprawling meadow infused with wildflowers,
A landscape with few paved roads
To let rains leach calcium from my bones, nurturing a regeneration
In the remembrance of soil

Do not weep for me, or for any one
When there was ample time for nibbling on my elbows,
Squeezing me till I burst with nectar,
Making an Ozark harp of my collarbone,
Howling through the somber shroud of night

You are encouraged to start over once again
Since there's only a brief time to fully open
And most of the boundaries about you are homemade –

No fences are needed where there's love,
No trail guides to mark its steady gait
And although you are your own journey,
I will always honor your traveling with me

Say what you will
Knowing your nearsightedness to perspective:
There is no one remotely like you
When you are both priceless and precious,
A child of experience
Searching for redemption on a roller coaster of experience

Would you rather it be predictable and tame,
Or a thrillingly adventurous ride?
Unfasten your suit belts

Then with a tether tied to eternity,
Hurtle yourself into the void
Since your test is simply to keep on going
And once Pandora's box is opened,
You may as well have a picnic

Catered, if that is your custom,
Inviting each and every person
Who has ever loved you

And as a crowd gathers,
And the room overflows with distant admirers
You may at last freely weep

Having forgotten
How much you are adored

And how much you will always matter.


© Darius Gottlieb


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