Taken from inside a cave at Joshua Tree National Park, AYIN shows the volcanic rock at the mouth of the cave, a nearby tree, and mountains in the far distance.

AYIN from teh nature gallery on  Poetphotos.com
AYIN (Eye)

This photograph and many others are available for view in the NATURE gallery.



Two other photos are viewer favorites on the site. Heliotrope hails from the Black & White Gallery.

Heliotrope from the black and white gallery

HELIOTROPE was photographed in Venice, CA on the site of a now-closed ceramics foundry. Its expressive face was actually in the recycled bin, due to the crack at the nose. Ironically, nearly half of our visitors prefer this photo in its color version in the Death + Heaven Gallery.


Last yet not least, our viewers' favorite photograph from www.poetphotos.com is an angel, and not just any angel. She's A TOUR GUIDE of the COSMOS.

Tour Guide of the cosmos

A TOUR GUIDE of the COSMOS was photographed in Whittier, CA., yet her appeal is both timeless and universal. She serves as a divining rod between earthly matters and the mysteries of immortality. The funereal reliquary from which this photo is taken is gigantic.

You may view many more of these winged messenger images in the ANGELS gallery.

Variations on a Theme of Angel

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