Lindsey McKenna

"Keep throwing those lightening bolts! I've never met anyone who has the Muse you do. You're truly an icon of poetry, and your words are phenomenal."

Lindsay McKenna,
New York Times best-selling author



"Darius is a brilliant photographer, as well as a highly enlightened, caring human being .... I recommend his work with all my heart."

Kim Gottlieb-Walker,

Bob Marley
Bob Marley © Kim Gottlieb-Walker, photojournalist



Chris Recio

"I love your CELLO ECSTASY compact disc, and have listened to it three times already. It's absolutely gorgeous."

Chris Recio
Nationally known AIDS activist



Susan Cafoncelli

"I love all your work. It is so uplifting!"

Susan Cafoncelli
Global Clinical Trial Head at Novartis Pharmaceuticals


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