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Darius Gottlieb


Arlene Knickerbocker"Darius, I visited your amazing website and could not comprehend the depth in one visit. I will return again and again. You are a gifted artist who has developed your skill to near perfection. Your commentaries on the photos add a richness that shouldn't be missed. I will share your link on my Facebook and Twitter accounts in hopes others will enjoy your exquisite poetry, photography, and music. I've listened to your beautiful CD, Cello Ecstasy, three times already. My favorite is track 10, although I appreciated others also. I count it a privilege to be your friend."
Arlene Knickerbocker,


Jamshid Martin"Darius is an exceptionally talented poet and photographer. He paints with words the way a master artist strokes the canvas with color delighting the eye with twists and turns and unspeakable beauty.    

Where you expect to see red, the canvas spins and turns to violet and cream and the eyes are in ecstasy watching the words dance across the page. 

The photographs are warm harmonies of visual births exploding like Spring from the white colds of Winter. Enjoy the Master as he weaves tapestries of exquisite beauty for you. And, don't miss his new books as they are phenomenal works of art."

Jamshid Martin, poet


Cynthia Morrow Hattal"Darius and I worked together in the Hollywood recording studios and in Long Beach Symphony, where he was a consummate cellist and composer. When he added photography and poetry to his many accomplishments he simply dazzled us with his mastery of so many creative pursuits. I also own many of his albums and play them repeatedly: They never lose interest."

Cynthia Morrow-Hattal
Owner, Violin & Viola Studio of Langley, WA




After taking a poll of my readers, their most favorite track is "Gently"


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