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Darius was born Gregg Gottlieb in 1954. He began playing cello in the 4th grade. He became a professional musician in 1969, when at the age of 14, he received a full summer music scholarship to the University of Southern California.

At the age of sixteen, Gottlieb received a full performing arts scholarship as a cellist to The North Carolina School of the Arts. Here he is in the summer of 1971, before cutting his hair to attend NCSA.

Gottlieb at 16

Gottlieb at 16

Gottlieb's cello


Gottlieb now

Gottlieb now

Gottlieb changed his first name to ShaunDarius in 1996 and recorded his first acclaimed album, CELLO FIRE,
under the SDG name in 1999. But he had already been a member of Musicians' Union Local 47, AFM, since 1983.

His first book of published poetry, THE HIGH PRIESTESS REMOVES HER VEILS, was also written under ShaunDarius
Gottlieb, in 2000. He continued to write short stories and poetry, often for many hours, culminating in four books of poetry written in two years' time.

Gemini by ShaunDarius Gottlieb
one of Gottlieb first professional photos
circa 2014
One of his first professional photos,
circa 1980

His art is in private collections in the western United States, as well as England, Germany, Holland, Norway, and Australia.

He shortened his first name to Darius in 2003. For further details about his lifetime of work as an artist, please read his enclosed BIO.

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