With Rabbi Wolly Kaelter

With Rabbi Wolly Kaelter

Biography: Darius Gottlieb

Born into a family of writers, Darius Gottlieb began making his living as an artist very early in life. Trained as a classical cellist, his professional career began at the precocious age of 14 during auditions for a full summer scholarship to attend the University of Southern California. Gottlieb was chosen over other nationwide string players easily ten years older.

At 16, he received double scholarships to the North Carolina School of the Arts where he was principal cellist, graduating in 1970 with the Vittorio Giannini Award, one of the highest honors for a young composer. He soon realized remarkable structural parallels between his award-winning musical compositions and his innate love of words, especially his early short stories.

A year later, Darius became a protégé of world class cellist, Joel Krosnick, (Juilliard String Quartet) at the California Institute of the Arts, where he once again enrolled as a double major with a double scholarship. He studied with two of composer Arnold Schönberg's personal assistants, Leonard Stein and Gerald Strang.

Darius is a recording artist to this day, acknowledged as a cello virtuoso on Sony, A&M Records and Warner Music Group. He is the director of The Bach Players, a concert trio he launched in 1976, whose music graced the inaugural opening of the Hollywood Bowl Museum, performed at the Malibu home of Barbra Streisand, and whose baroque recordings reside in the permanent collection of The Smithsonian.

With over 4,500 followers online, Darius' most recent book, "Love Poems and Other Elixirs," is soulful poetry written as a consort for passionate minds. His sense of taut rhythm and musically-tinged timbre carry over to the bloodstream of each poem's powerful passagework, known for electric and pulsating metaphor. This is writing strongly praised by people who previously stated that they dislike poetry! Ask for a sample at Darius@PoetPhotos.com

He recently launched www.PoetPhotos.com — an enormous website where his cello, photography and poetry highlight his multi-tiered career.



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