amazing graceAmazing Grace



Very little has ever gone wrong by slowing down
It is haste which precipitates misfortune

We do not want our lives to resemble lovers
Who are rushed

When we are inevitably wise to flirt and court
With both the arrival and the journey

You there. Did you take a moment
In an overflowing chalice of time
To remind yourself to breathe?

There is glory in an elixir of this unquenchable moment
If you could but capture it and set it free

Every once in an occluded moment you part the waters of the sky
So that I can glimpse an epiphany

That being said, it is noted that never once did you abandon me

There were numerable times
I could not decipher your voice in the static
Because I wasn't listening

And now five decades later
You remain unbelievably tender and affectionate
I am stunned and frankly amazed that you remain in ecstasy
Seven days in every week

And they say
That throwing a pebble into a pond
One can decipher its character
By radiating ripples

And so I throw my thoughts to the mind sky
To reach you, my immortal God.


© Darius Gottlieb


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