An Interview with Infinite Mystery

angel photo called a tour guide of the cosmos

I offer you a tour guide for the cosmos
An immense angel, most serious
Her cross festooned with a garland of daisies,
Her eyes looking inward beyond the temple of belonging

She is my angel. And there is only one currency
Valid throughout your infinite ride,
And that is to pay by attention

I have loved you since the beginning of time,
Before you were an errant thought conceived as morning

I have loved you from an instant you were that vital spark
Which kissed your soul into awakening

I swore never to leave you
Never to abandon you
From immeasurable guidance

And as you struggled into individuality
I stayed right behind your left shoulder
Minding your back as you faced the effrontery of the future

At each and every stage
All you are asked to do is ask
Since the only question before you is to question
And then the manna of eternal dialogue is instantly opened

When you are temporarily defeated
And doubt my presence in the terrifying darkness
Then, especially then, I never leave your side

It may indeed have taken what seemed like lifetimes
For you to remember even one of my thousands of names
For that which can never be contained

I am formless. I am triumphant. I am beyond the Gates of Death
I am fearless in the harrowing of illness.
I am known as the Creator of All Things
I am known as the King of Kings
I am known as the architect of time, space,
And causal reality

There is nothing you need do to approach my throne,
Save to ask to be in eternal communion
And dialogue
With Me.


© Darius Gottlieb






Zip Code

zip code

You already contain the zip code
Of your ultimate reality

You already maintain the buried map
Of your most celebrated, stupendous adventures

There's no logical destination for the treasures
Of any unprincipled location
Once you unravel the identify of the inn keeper
Who never left the bed and breakfast of your travels

Core wisdom arrives in threes:
First, to gently knock for your attention
Then, to ring the doorbell
Finally, to hit you over the head

There are those who have suggested
That what is said, need not be repeated

If that were true,
Would the sun refuse to shine more every other day?
Would allotted hours turn into a pillar of salt?
Would rebellious months design a solidarity union,
And sustain war for weekly wages and salaries?

Now that your strength is more than halfway there
During this sojourn of the ages,
Please observe that you were never once bereft
From blooming where you are planted

Roots of redwoods never once stopped growing
Giant sequoias never restrained from branching
How true, prehistoric fossils refrained from showing

You must be frozen if you have abandoned amazement,
Immobile by the side of the road –

Since in the moveable marrow of your spine's skeleton
Cerebral spinal fluid is connecting unceasingly
To the mitochondria of each and every cell

To escape from this prison of monotony,
You are required one axiom, and one axiom only:
Increase participation, and your body and Spirit will follow

To emerge from the labyrinth,
Plant a chair into the center of your being
Then, without blinking, include the vestments of the heavens
In the sacred whereabouts of your domain

(You must gladly wear the garments of consciousness forever)

Blink once
And the day is over
Blink twice and your actions are confused
Blink thrice
And reactions persist in controlling you

Yet good news insists,
That as light floods your eyes with rewired images,
You will then see the vividly imploding view
As you have never seen before

It is stunning to be dazzled,
Less so to be dazed

Let me guide you as a leader out of the maze

Each moment, you shall become
Drawn ever more closer
To reclaiming the wilderness
Of your ever natural

Which never left you,
Wherever you may travel,
Wherever you may go:

Bon voyage
And safe journey.

From the book, A PLACE OF WONDER

© Darius Gottlieb






Love Poem to the Infinite

love poem


How do you thank the being
Who gave you everything,
And never sent a bill?

They say time heals all wounds
Yet I will admit to a little loneliness
Gnawing at the periphery of daylight

And I will admit to a few ants of nagging regret
At an astounding picnic called life
And when they appear, crawling on too many hind legs,
I brush regrets aside and focus on a huge pot of honey,
Your continual sweetness with me

And so I have a few questions
Hoping you will not mind

Whenever I ask for you,
How is it that you lovingly appear
And allow your presence to be known?

Who is your chiropractor
When a couple of planets go out
Near your big toe?

With the blinding brilliance of your stars and supernovas,
Do you wear sunglasses?

Was the Big Bang an orgasm,
Or were you imploding with celestial joy
Upon instantly waking up in your Creation?

Is there any truth to the rumor
That you created this world and its denizens
As a homework assignment
So that something could literally matter,
Being that your unerring state is one of bliss?

And now, a few favors:

Because you never leave my side,
Remind me to see you in every hour.

Magnify your holy presence in my life.

Allow me to fulfill and unwrap
All of the attendant gifts you have given to me.

When I am sorely lost
Whisper to the harp of my heart strings
To remind me that you are there.

If it isn't too much to ask,
Remove any remnants of my resentment,
By anointing my weariness with a balm of your eternal love.

Meanwhile, since I'm a hungry shadow
And don't need suntan lotion
Have me invite Holy Spirit to be my GPS
To locate the contentment of redemption
Since all I require to become more awake
In one staggering eternity of light.

Forget the field trip to Niagara Falls
Wash me clean
In the effervescence of your grace.

Allow me to see far beyond myself
And grant me lasting peace
At least until this coming Friday
And the furloughed embrace of immortality.

And since I am mortal and thereby experience pain
I request that you reconnect me with my Soul's eminence —
No jumper cables required.

Grant me cool-headed wisdom.
To chill the impatience of my jets
Without removing my impassioned enthusiasm.

And if it pleases you, precious Lord,
Magnify the breadth and inspiration of youthful wings
That I participate ever more fully in this world,
Yet make my feet less heavy upon its persnickety, hallowed ground.

You encompass every known broadband of radiant expression.
You are unlimited yet never lose track.
You are endlessly creative and continuously loving.
Your presence is tender, constant, and unstoppable
For anyone who cuts through the normalcy of doubt
And asks to be with you.

Finally, though I'm only one atom
Who desires to understand you better
In the spiraling ganglion of your universe

I trust that it isn't worship which you want
As much as awakened attention

Therefore, when it suits your purpose
Help remove my last illusions of stupor
And breathing me awake, as if from a dream,
Expand my awareness beyond anything I ever dared to imagine

I have one last prayer
Enormous in implications

May you be filled with infinite light
And strong resilient beams of enduring love
Beyond the continuous bookmarks of unending time.


© Darius Gottlieb






The Sumptuousness of Openness

baby in pink


There's a part of your heart which you keep closed
So know one will witness what's there
I never want to be the one who jimmies the door
To a room where wallpaper's torn and floors are bare

There's a part of you where someone uttered ugly words
Beyond sticks & sharpened stones, these words were heard
I never want to be one who encourages closing shop
When the sumptuousness of openness makes you aware

There's a part of you wise beyond your years
Which recognizes duality beyond pleasure and pain
I never want to be the one who cautions you restraint
When vulnerability allows you to invent love again

There's a part of you wild beyond your control
Where others encourage a tight, inner lid
I never want to be one to leash your inner child
Or confine your soul's expression of strength

There's a part of you which feels ever so deeply
And comprehends stretches between Heaven and Hell
I never want to be one who padlocks your experience
To any point where your creativity cannot dwell

It was always about boldness to live completely
It was never about an anatomy of regret
It was always courage to embrace passion deeply
Never about the tiptoe of timidity's being circumspect

There are others who limit their circumstances
Others who dilute that palette of their hues
Others who park in polite moderation
Others who won't express when they're blue

There's a part of you which never hearkened to partial
A whole lot of you which was never halfway
Spinning galaxies of you which never posted stop signs,
A satellite of you refusing sleeping with shortcuts,
The same resilient map, which states your opinion straight away

I was never one to control you
I was never one to enthuse, "Take heed"
I was never one to frighten with, "Be careful"
I was always the one who advised you, "Stay free"

Without conviction, you can't build full character
Without full speed, you might as well hold still
Without Godspeed, you might as well be rudderless
Without abandon, you can't be totally well

So when others are too speedy to judge you,
When others try mocking your name,
I'll be the one who backs your complexity,
The one who knows your life won't be the same—

There's safety within insecurity's hesitation;
It isn't a path where you excel.

I'll never be one to clear-cut your expression
I'll never be one to raise rent where you dwell
I confess, I'm the voice of your safe haven,
I'm the voice of your pure wilderness

There's a part of you that thought we were separate,
Yet we've been one since the budding of youth
We've been one since Goddess invented morning,
We stay one through the drama and the truth

There's a part of you which was always precocious
There's a part which took in shadow with the bright
There's a part which realizes the paradox of matter,
That without darkness there can never be light

I'm the voice of your rhyme and right reason
I'm the voice where your great Spirit dwells
I'm the voice which protects and which blesses,
I'm your spark, your complexion's countenance—

So let others admire your complexities of layer,
Allow others to address the friction of the trials,
There's no fiction in our witnessing together,
And as your Soul, I'll be here quite awhile

I promise to behold you through daylight and night,
I'll hold you throughout Eternity's might
I'll hold you forever, throughout Eternity's might.


© Darius Gottlieb


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