All of our prints are glossy, unless you prefer matter. To specify a matte print for your photo order, please take a moment to determine your order, and write to Darius at the following link: Darius

Darius will see your order from OUR UNIQUE STORE

The easiest way to order a print is to go to OUR UNIQUE STORE. Given that we have hundreds of photographs on the site, do follow the links there, which will direct you to thumbnails available under each photo gallery's name. Locate your preferred image(s) from the thumbnails given there, and click on the image you have selected. Try it, it's easy!

A drop-down box will then appear, asking for your preferred size.

The cost of an 8 X 10 print is $50.00, all shipping and handling and applicable taxes included.
Your photo will be sent to you priority mail in a professional photo tube.

The cost of an 11 X 14 print is $70.00, shipping and handling and sales tax included.


We have been utilizing the same Long Beach photo lab, FROMEX since 1990 — well over two decades. They are a state-of-the-art lab utilizing Fuji Crystal Archives, an archival photo paper utilizing optimized silver halide crystals, replete with a full-color spectrum, resistant to fading from light and designed to retain its image integrity for at least 100 years. The superb color density and contrast arise from the actual emulsion within the paper itself.

To keep this ordering page clean and sharp, prices for our larger-size photos are given via an up-to-date email quote.
To order alternate sizes, again, please contact Darius here: Darius. He will immediately send you back a price quote.

Alternate sizes:

  • 10x20
  • 12 X 18 [full-frame]
  • 16x20
  • 20x24
  • 20x30 [poster size]

    All photos are sent Priority Mail in a professional mailing tube.


We've got you covered! Please do a quick copy and paste of the following form into WORD, or an email document. Print it out and mail with your check made to Darius Gottlieb. Thank you!

Darius Gottlieb
P.O. Box 90876
Long Beach, CA.

mail your order to darius

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