quiet buddha
Quiet Buddha, from the Buddha Gallery



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PoetPhotos.com offers powerful poetry, passionate cello music and potent photography. To read a bit more about Darius Gottlieb, visit Best Site Directions or read his BIO.

It's hard to believe that every single photo on PoetPhotos.com is shot analog, utilizing old-fashioned film. Darius prefers film's saturation of color. And he's used the same professional laboratory for well over two decades. His most recent photo gallery on the site is also his favorite: Sunflower & Diptychs.

Darius writes every day. To be on his free poetry list, simply send an email to Darius@poetphotos.com and put LIST in the subject.

Darius is a passionate cellist. He's the joyous owner of a Peter Stazel cello, a once-in-a-lifetime gift from his uncle Sey, to whom he will always be grateful. He also owns an extraordinary electric cello, which happens to be turquoise.


turquoise cello


Darius' three modes of expression are intertwined. Artistic themes parallel one another. He has only one overriding aesthetic: To return us to a place of wonder.

Darius is completely dedicated to this world even as his art suggests dimensions beyond. He is blessed with the support of a loving family and a network of stellar friends.

If you admire his photography, cello playing, or poetry, enjoy his personal personal Facebook wall, where he's truly open to connecting with new friends. Send him an invite!


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This website is the culmination of a lifetime of dedicated work. Feel free to make an artistic donation to Gottlieb's PayPal account, especially if you are a coyote who steals his photos. Note: Karma will nibble on your tailbone in the end!

To email Darius

To snail mail or call Darius,

P.O. Box 90876
Long Beach, CA

562.597.2553 (9 AM PST- 7 PM PST)

Thank you.

darius gottlieb photos

Inset photo top: Gottlieb in high school; inset photo bottom: Gottlieb in his thirties; Large photo: Gottlieb with his nephew, Ian.



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