Cello Fire -- A Feaast For The Soul

Cello Fire is for sale.

And Mr. Gottlieb is available as a cellist-for-hire. He has extensive experience in the recording studios and can travel.

Darius is available as both a music producer and as a cellist, fully capable of playing both jazz and classical styles. He employs his old, vintage Italian cello, as well as his turquoise electric cello.

To purchase this CD, please go to ABOUT THE SITE

Once you are at the ABOUT THE SITE page, locate the PayPal button, and make a payment for $20. to Mr. Gottlieb. This covers your Cello Fire purchase, all taxes, and S&H. However, if you're outside the US, contact Darius about your CD to adjust overseas postage and insure receiving your music as soon as possible. Thanks.

NOTE: Your CD will also include bonus tracks not listed here, all to the good (!) — yet, due to printing issues, not all of the original artwork is included. Finally, email Darius to give him your best shipping address so that he can rush the CD to you.


Cello Fire
Darius Gottlieb

TRACK ONE: Three Flavors Telemann
TRACK TWO: Your Tibetan Waiter Brings Dessert
TRACK THREE: Cool Mango Lassi
TRACK FOUR: Bach Has the Spicy Tuna Roll
TRACK FIVE: Bach Pot Sticker
TRACK SIX: All-Knowing Green Tea Buddha
TRACK SEVEN: Telemann Tofutti
TRACK EIGHT: Albinoni Alfredo
TRACK TEN: Kummer Creme Brulee
TRACK ELEVEN: Sarabande's Chocolate Meringue
TRACK TWELVE: Buddha Floats
TRACK THIRTEEN: Sax, Garlic, Lemongrass & Cello


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