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Ordering books from darius gottlieb

There are currently four books written by Darius available for purchase. Each is printed on heavyweight paper, signed and numbered, and bound for $29.00. For samples of each book's magical poetry, go to "THE POETRY".

You might also enjoy "ABOUT THE POETRY" which describes how Gottlieb's wordsmithing is appreciated by others.

If you're reside outside the US, contact Darius about ordering his poetry to reflect overseas postage, and insure receiving your book as soon as possible. Thank you.

The four books which Gottlieb has written are:

  • Rewired for Ecstasy
  • A Place of Wonder
  • The Enraptured Muse
  • Love Poems and Other Elixirs

love poems and other elixirs powerful poetry by darius gottlieb




We've got you covered! Please do a quick copy and paste of the following form into WORD, or an email document. Print it out and mail with your check made to Darius Gottlieb. Thank you!

Darius Gottlieb
P.O. Box 90876
Long Beach, CA.

mail your order to darius

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