It's challenging to know where to start this series
of sunflower and diptych images.


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Please employ your bottom scoll bar from left to right.

Liquid Sunshine Liquid Sunshine

Double Dahlia
Double Dahlia



To appreciate the creative work
which went into the diptych Double Dahlia, here's the original image:

Original Dahlia

Peter Max Sunflower with Ladybug PeterMax with ladybug








Here's Buddha Brothers.
It's a diptych which required
so many hours
I wouldn't know where to begin.


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Buddha Brothers Buddha Brothers







There's a
Buddha Brothers variation
as well...


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Buddha Brothers VariationBuddha Brothers Variation

Twiddle Dumb & Twiddle Dee: Rare for me,
a black & white diptych of cactus buds.
Buddha Brothers Variation

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Let's now return to the sunflowers!

From My Garden From My Garden



Van Gogh Sunflowers Van Gogh Sunflowers


This sunflower grew in my front yard.
Eye of Heaven my firt sunflower

As a photographer, I'm keenly intrigued by every form of sacred imagery.
Double TroubleDouble trouble

And I rejoice at the power of timeless symbols to inspire some of us
to realign with ongoing mysteries of the Eternal —

Almighty Cross VariationAlmighty Cross Variation



Almighty Cross Original Almight Cross original






It's a funny thing: As a young man growing up by the ocean, I never really liked seagulls. Yet as an adult, two of my best-selling diptychs feature these ubiquitous birds...

At the Beach At the beach




Here's the original photo from which
At the Beach originates...

Original At the beach

A very popular double-diptych depicting seagulls is immediately below.

Gulls Pretending to Be Hummingbirds Gulls pretending to be hummingbirds





Here's the original seed photo which I transformed
to create Gulls Pretending to Be Hummingbirds.


I'm having this printed on pristine white aluminum
for my beloved Mom's birthday.

Jupiter and Ganymede Jupiter and Ganymede


Cinderella Cinderella


Now for something quite different:
Gemini gemini



I stumbled upon this sculpture while exploring a foundry ... and finding it powerful, immediately photographed it.
Foundry Relic foundry relic

Which then gave rise to some astonishing assemblages:
Icarus Returns icarus returns

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It's possible I prefer moonlight and shadow.

Icarus Butterfly icarus butterfly

There's one more variation whose raw power
astonishes even me — and I created it:

Janus Janus


We now return to your streamlined sunflower channels.

Sunflower Illuminati Sunflower illuminati


Welcome to the Bumblebee Cafe Welcome to the bumblebee cafe


Meanwhile, two mischievous cupids have formed dubious alliances:
Night and Day Night and Day


Peppermint Fire Twins Night and Day


Mischief Mischief



I've been having a love affair with sunflowers for decades —just garner a look at the enormous framed photo resting on the cabinet top behind me.
Darius with Sunflower


Two more sunflowers for your pleasure:
Spiral Sunflower Spiral Sunflower


Sunflower at DuskSunfloer at dusk

A landscape diptych which is exceedingly rare for me:
Night Becomes Day night becomes day


Be sure to visit the ANGELS Gallery
Two Sentinels two angels

My thoughts

All good things must come to a continuum.


spango right

Here's the first of four "Rebellious Sunflowers."
Rebellious Sunflowers No. 1 Rebellious Sunflowers No1


Here is the second of four "Rebellious Sunflowers."
Rebellious Sunflowers No. 2Rebellious Sunflowers No1

Rebellious Sunflowers No. 3 Rebellious Sunflowers No1


Rebellious Sunflowers Number 4 is completely Disobedient.
Disobedient Sunflowers No. 4 Rebellious Sunflowers No1


My specialty photo lab expertly prints as large as 40" X 60". That includes all the photos in this gallery. I admit that the sunflowers themselves are particularly joyful.

Even so, I offer a black & white gallery for those of you who prefer artwork to be less exuberant. Plan a visit to the other ART galleries for your ongoing pleasure. Here's the road map:




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