Darius head shot Darius has been writing poetry since the sixth grade. As a teenager, he struggled to be in balance with each of his gifts: Music. Photography. And writing.
cello At the age of fourteen, Gottlieb and his cello received full scholarship to the University of California for its Congress of Strings. In his twenties, he toured with his trio, The Bach Players, a flute-violin-cello ensemble.
photo by darius gottlieb In his early thirties, Gottlieb sold his first photograph, INTO THE WOODS, taken in Big Sur, CA.

He also had his first gallery shows, when his framed photographs were purchased by collectors in Holland, Germany, England, and the western United States.

colorado buddha Gottlieb has been photographing Buddhas and angels for over thirty years. His portfolio of images intensified in the mid-1990's, when he was treated and went into remission from cancer. During this period, he began visiting both shrines and graveyards.
blessed coffee Blessed Coffee continues to be one of his most widely-appreciated photos. Touring as a solo cellist, Gottlieb stumbled into this San Francisco cafe to find Christ with a bathing cap blessing the coffee. Part of the menu is
visible on the mirror directly behind Jesus, touting the Early Bird Special, Home Fries and Biscuits and Gravy.

In 1995, during the Dot-com era, this coffee shop was converted into an Internet Cafe before closing permanently.

Peter Max Sunflower with lady bug Gottlieb's love affair with the sunflower
continues unabated to this day.
mercury His recent photos explore remarkable variations upon a single sculptural profile he took in 1987. See Sunflowers & Diptychs.
The Universe is a sunflower
You are encouraged to visit our free download.
love affair with angels After Gottlieb's love affair with the sunflower, he is intrigued by angels. See Angels.
Liquid Sunshine  
Liquid Sunshine See Buddha
child with afro and piercing eyes  
jacob's ladder  

It is poetry which has stolen Darius' heart.

He writes with passion and a commanding utilization of language. His poems are never boring and hold up to repeated readings. They are laden with jewels of metaphor and venture onto the page with the legs of a writer who adores this world and a mind whose rich imagination stretches to the stratosphere. As Darius himself writes in his biography:

"I believe that the responsibility of each poem rests upon a conviction that its words should cause the heart to swell, the brain to expand, and each reader to feel as if a blessed event is unfolding within the scaffolding of the eyes."

Due to his habit of sending an email of each new poem out on the Internet, Darius has a considerable online following. Here are some of the comments and endorsements he's received from his online readers:


"Gorgeous." Dr. Gregory Bartlow, Surgical Dermatologist, American Board of Dermatology

"Your poetry is a morning prayer which stretches into the afternoon on a long deep breath." Rosie Good, yoga instructor

"Darius is one of the great poets of our times. His poems are nothing short of astonishing." Alix van der Zon, Sun Capital, LLC

"Entire universes are born in your writing. Amazing what your poetry conveys in two pages." Randy Peyser, publishing consultant -

"You have such a powerful eye for creating poems that seem so intimate and personal – as if each poem was made for the person reading it …. Wow!" Lindsay McKeena, New York Times bestselling author.

"My God, your poems are superb! What a magnificent treat for the mind and the soul!" Dr. Cynthia Morrow, virtuoso violinist & violist, Deux Femmes -

"You are a rare modern genius of timeless imagery." Bobbie Jo Curley, Celtic harpist, troubadour -

"Your poems are a way to journey to worlds I'd like to visit often." Candy McGowan, cancer warrior

"Your writing often achieves perfection and reminds us of the famous Persian poet, Hafiz, as well as Rumi." Jenny d'Angelo, Angel Scribe

"The rhythm of Gottlieb's poetry ebbs and flows, and the reader is often left in awe at his word choices." Angela Thomas, Affinity Entertainment Productions LLC -

"Darius' poems take his readers on a ride filled with twists and turns, delicious side trips, and a guaranteed 'aha' experience at the end." Elise Fee, Life Expansion Coach -

"You are a great artist and deserve all the recognition the world can give you." Seymore Gottlieb, Independent Aviation & Aerospace Professional

"I continue to be amazed by your photos and your persistence toward perfection. And then another poem arrives, bursting with brilliant visual images." Arlene Knickerbocker, Christian author

"Your talents are nothing short of incredible." Lawrence J. Geisse, opthamologist -!about/ctnu

"I love your fabulous poems and the depths to which they speak to the soul with such infinite expressions of love. They are so beautiful, and even more .... Amazing!"
Lynne Herod-DeVerges -

"You are a word-weaver, and your gift is extraordinary. Your writing found me when it was needed most of all – and I'm forever grateful." Tara Lemieux -

"I am utterly stunned by the totality and depth of Darius' writing." Bhavananda Lodkey, visionary

"Whenever I get a break in my workday, your unique and amazing poetry is my favorite thing to read and catch up on. You have a God-given talent. Let's hope that others will come to know your gifts for all the years to come." Delores Nason, Executive Director, Disabled Resources Center -

"You are indeed an artist of many wondrous talents. Wow!"
Sarah Kasman, Executive Director, Shanti Orange County -

"Your artistry brings me to tears, both by its gifts and by its beauty." Terry L. Duperon, CEO -

"Your poetry is as good as Rumi, my gifted friend. Such a gift. Thank you. I will read and reread it until I am full." Tashi Powers, evolutionary astrologer -

"We love your words and images, a delight. They are like prayers in an otherwise hectic life." Raffi Dillian, CEO -

"Spectacular." Gregory Marquette, filmmaker - Gregory Marquette's Linkedin profile

"I enjoy your poetry very much and it has this uncanny way of always arriving at the right time." Edward Hirsch, attorney - Edward Hirsch's Linkedin Profile

"Your new album is enchanting, and reminds me of your astonishing poetry. You're both a masterful cellist and writer! Wonderful in my ancient Honda." Leslie Sharp, Pro-pianist and musical theater accompanist"

"Your poetry is truly touching and healing to my fragmented soul ... I also dearly love your angel photographs, as well! Deborah Lumsden, visionary

"I only just opened your Cello Ecstasy CD and have been listening to it obsessively! It is an amazing collection. You are a great talent in the universe. The music parallels your poetry, and is akin to life itself." Krista Taylor, Screenwriter

"Your glorious poetry expresses both depth and breadth with its expansive heart and wisdom." Sheila Weidendorf, Concert pianist and recording artist Recording artist and concert pianist -!about-us/cjg9

"Your writing is intoxicated with divine brilliance." Charles Moselle, music producer and virtuoso saxophonist

"Worldly and straightforward, yet spiritual and infinite, your poems reawaken being in the moment of one's life. They clearly arise from a very evolved thinker." Sheila Whitman, LPC, life coach

"I have kept all your poems. You are a magnificent weaver of words and thoughts and dreams and meditations." Penny Metropulos, Director, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland

"Your poems as of late have been especially great. You really do have an incredible mind." Judy Everts, Artist Rep

"Classic. I was wondering when you'd create another poetic masterpiece!" Brandon Fonteno, Rapper

"Your use of language is stimulating and your metaphors are thrilling. The blending of extremes and opposites is fascinating!" Mark Seltman, Expert on Chiromancy -

"Thank you Darius. Your work is magnificent". Judith Lightfeather, Nanotechnology Consultant -

"You write with an alchemy of dedication and precision which moves my soul. I love all the similes and the huge vocabulary of your words." Dr. Jeri Walker-Boone, Professor Emeritus (English)



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