turquoise electric heart
Turquoise Electric Heart, from the People Gallery



Turquoise Electric Heart

Leave the window of your soul cracked just a bit
So that I may come in and bathe,
To splash in your iridescent turquoise ethers…

Your vibrant electric soul is crackling and hissing
Like waves as they dissolve upon a dazzling white isthmus of sand...

Here we soar unencumbered by limits of night or day,
In softest twilight, ever breaking into realms of delight.

When I arrive, I unfold like a thousand cranes of origami
Lightly nuzzling the dreams, gently unfolding bruised wings from militant angels…

Arise. Be healed!

The violet surf crashes upon this beach with hardly a sound
Violet, then turquoise, then the palest of gold with rose.

Angels shed their troubled tasks brought from the glaring lights of day.

Soar. Know you are beloved!

How many shall dance between the spheres, between the planes,
The very dimensions, I cannot know.

I see only that your window has been opened ..
The cracks of consciousness need only a sliver of awakening
To slip through, in their night robe and velvet slippers,
To make themselves known...

I know that blessings shall be received,
And soaring, that we are lifted
Beyond the transgressions of this world
To another place only glimpsed by day

Deep in the lotus chambers
Of your turquoise electric heart.


© Darius Gottlieb


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